Vipassana Audios


Meditation #1: rising and falling (15 minutes)

This easy guided meditation is perfect for those who have never meditated before. While listening to the teacher's instructions and gentle encouragement, you focus on the abdominal movements that occur naturally as you breathe. No prior meditation experience necessary. (To read more detailed instructions or watch a video clip of this exercise, please refer to the link: How to Meditate.)

Meditation #2: rising and falling (30 minutes)

In this longer guided meditation you observe the rise and fall of the abdomen that happens as you breathe. The instructor explains how to respond to distracting thoughts and unpleasant emotions. You're encouraged to gently accept whatever happens in meditation without judging it—simply watching, with impartial awareness, whatever arises.


Happiness Is in the Middle: Exchanging the Attitude
of the Mind From Suffering to Happiness

Before finding happiness, we first have to find out where unhappiness comes from.
Through meditation we can discover the cause of unhappiness and eliminate it.

The Four Foundations of Mindfulness

This talk discusses the way to develop mindfulness in order to gain liberating wisdom, based on the Buddha's instructions for vipassana meditation in the "Discourse on the Four Foundations of Mindfulness."

A Good Dose of Dhamma For Meditators When They Are Ill

These forthright, profound teachings on nonself, impermanence, and "the knowing that lets go of knowing" are relevant to all meditators, whether ill or not. Learn what to do so there can be, "release from suffering right before our very eyes."